Hana Nito Jewelry Case

Hana Nito Jewelry Case


Looking for a simple and reliable case to fit your most prized jewellery pieces? We’ve got you covered. The round nito jewelry case is made from only the highest grade nito fibers sourced by the locals in the mountains. Each piece is unique as the Alangans do not use a specific template in creating such craft – adding a spirit of exquisiteness to every piece to complement your jewelry pieces. Thinking of giving a gift to your loved ones? Put it inside one of our jewelry cases and let the two mesmerize the heart of the receiver. Each purchase of this product makes a difference to alleviate the lives of the Alangan Mangyans.

Small: 3.2″ X 2″
Medium: 3.9″ X 2″
Large: 5-6″ X 2″


Photos used as reference here might be slightly of different color or shade compared to the actual product due to lighting and the settings of the device you’re viewing this page. Actual product dimensions might also have a difference of an inch, give or take, for the Mangyans use the ‘dangkal’ system of measurement in creating these crafts. These products are 100% handmade by locals using techniques passed on for generations. Consumer discretion is advised.