About Us

Proudly made in the Philippines

Our Little Project

Hinabi.PH is a small project founded by a group of private social media marketers born and raised in Mindoro. Our vision is to provide a steady stream of income and sustainable livelihood to the Alangan Tribe of Paitan in Oriental Mindoro.
Every month, they would bring their products in our house, and we will purchase, most if not all, of the products they deliver. We would always tell them to give us the price they want (and happy with), and we will pay for it. By buying their products, they won’t need to peddle in the lowlands where in most cases they are being shortchanged.
As marketers, we explore new sales avenues for the Mangyan Products and, at the same time, create awareness and promote appreciation on the Alangan Mangyan’s arts. We give the Mangyans a “FREE HAND” on the designs to encourage them to showcase their skills and culture.